12 Rules To Become A Winner In Life According To A World Leading Psychiatrist

One of the world’s leading psychiatrists and psychotherapists, Mikhail Litvak, generously shares with us the short guides on how to overcome every obstacle in life.

When we put these guides to heart and apply them on a daily basis, we will surely become winners in life.

12 Rules to Become a Winner In Life According To Mikhail Litvak, World Leading Psychiatrist:

1. Stay away from people who have nothing good to say about themselves. They are prone to start talking bad about others.

2. If you want to dig into something, dig into science and other sources of knowledge. Do not dig into someone else’s life.

3. When you feel depressed, consider it as the best time for introspection and reevaluation of your life. That might be the real purpose of depression coming into your life.

4. Strive to feel good about yourself by yourself. Once you do, you don’t need the approval of others to make you feel that way.

5. Do something when you want to do it. There is no better time to do something than the moment you want to do it and when you ask for permission, most probably, you won’t get one.

6. The immature and mature persons both possess knowledge. Only that the mature person acts on it while the immature person doesn’t know how to get used to it. Thus, the immature one will only criticize others. Strive to be the mature person.

7. The shortest path toward failure is pleasing everybody. Do what you want to do without harming others and trust that you are a good person, how others perceive you is their problem.

8. Work your way to become successful without needing to prove anything to anyone. Notice how magically the insults and hate comments disappear.

9. If you were to end either a business or a romantic relationship, make sure that the main reason is for continual personal growth and development. Do not let ego ruin your relationships, you underestimate their importance.

10. Stop chasing happiness and you will start to find the place where it dwells.Happiness is a sign that you are on the right way of your soul’s purpose, chasing the sign will only lead you in circles. Personal development is the shortest route to happiness.

11. Let your fantasies be in tune with your abilities. When you fantasize of becoming an opera singer but have not the voice for it, you are merely dreaming. Either work on your abilities to meet your fantasies or change your fantasies to meet your abilities. When you align your fantasies with your strengths and abilities, you will fulfill your dreams easily.

12. If you were to choose between a good book and conversation with an empty person, choose the former. By reading a good book you will surely gain something. Communicating with an empty person is only wasting your precious time.


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