12 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle The Female Empath

Have you ever noticed that for a female empath love is really hard to find? It is almost as if there is no true person who can handle them and to most, it can be a bit heartbreaking.

Being in a relationship with an empath can be a very difficult thing. With that being said, if you are in the right mindset and willing to work hard it is very do-able. Empaths want to feel loved and be loved, they know how powerful real relationships can be and a lot of the time they seek that out whether they realize it or not.

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why relationships with an empath might go awry. These things to most people might not seem like much but when you are with an empath they are tenfold. Too much of anything can end up being a bad thing and because the empath is so full of emotion things get tense quickly.

12 Reasons Why Most Men Struggle to Stay With the Female Empath:
1. Female empaths are a bit more persistent than most.

Female empaths are not going to back down. When they want something or need something done they are not going to let it go. They always make sure everything is as it should be. Some men cannot handle this as they like the be the ones in control.


2. Female empaths sometimes struggle with intimacy.

Sometimes a female empath has been through too many bad relationships to the point where she is far more guarded than she would have been. This is not a deal breaker but as time goes on if you are not able to help her overcome this the relationship will fail. They might not be as open as they would have been but in the end, they can be.


3. Consistency is very important to the female empath.

Female empaths will not put up with inconsistency. They want you to be there and do what you say you will do all the time. They will not let you off the hook with any half-assed efforts.


4. Female empaths question everything.

Female empaths are never going to accept anything as it is. Everything has a deeper meaning. They question everything and for some, this is too much. If they are with someone that doesn’t question anything problems will arise


5. Female empaths are more independent than the average woman.

Female empaths are not going to really want their partners to do a lot for them. In general, they like to do things themselves. They are more independent than most people and it really makes their partners feel useless sometimes.


6. With a female empath, it is all or nothing.

Female empaths are not going to just be with someone who isn’t putting forth an effort. You are either completely in or completely out. There is no in-between.


7. Female empaths are just way too honest.

Female empaths do not sugar coat anything with the person they are with. They will be as open and honest as possible and some people do not like this. Some people live for the sugar coating and cannot handle reality.


8. Female empaths can see through your words.

Female empaths are able to see your true intentions. If you intend any harm they will be aware of it. Because of this their partners feel as if there is no privacy even though there technically is.


9. Being with a female empath is intense.

Being with a female empath is not simple. It comes with a very intense energy that a lot of people cannot handle being around. They are just too charged for some, this is not their fault and it is not usually something that can be worked through. If you cannot handle the energies before you, jump ship.


10. Female empaths know what they want and what they don’t want.

Female empaths are not going to waste their time. They know what they want and what they don’t want. They are not going to let you walk all over them, period.


11. Female empaths do not like to be caged.

Female empaths cannot be ‘fixed’ or saved. You cannot protect them from who they are. They must overcome the pain of being an empath on their own and learn to control their gift.


12. Female empaths are able to truly see the best and worst in others.

Female empaths are able to see all the good and bad within you. Because of this problems will come up. They need to be able to accept you as you are and you need to be able to accept them as they are.