12 Cats With The Craziest Fur Patterns In The World


Dogs may be man’s best friend, but cats can be pretty cool too. They’re extremely smart, love to hang out and often like to do their own thing. Oh, and did I mention that some of them have incredibly spectacular fur patterns? Don’t believe me? Well, even if you’re not a fan of felines, these kittens’ fur patterns will leave you thinking about cats.

1. This two-faced feline.

With this cute little guy, not only do you get all the cuteness of an orange cat, but you ALSO get all the mystery of black one! It’s your basic two-for-one deal!


2. This cat with a human nose.

Just kidding, he doesn’t have a REAL human nose — that would just be weird. But he does rock a pretty cool black nose patch.


3. This cat mustache you a question…

He’s basically the Tom Selleck of cats, and he’s totally okay with it. Seriously though, he grows a better mustache than most of the guys I know…


4. This shocking little guy.

When you first look at Sam, it may appear that he has some of the biggest eyebrows ever. But upon further inspection it becomes quite clear that those aren’t big bushy black eyebrows but rather his markings. Regardless, it’s way more fun to pretend that he’s in constant shock.


5. The coolest Maine Coon ever.

Whoa, is that a white tiger drinking out of your toilet? It may look like it, but this Maine Coon is just lucky enough to have an amazing fur pattern. Those eyes aren’t bad either!


6. Top of the mornin’ to ya!

Sure, white cats are cool — but white cats with what appears to be a tiny black top hat are WAY cooler. Now all he needs is a tiny cane and dress shoes, and he’s ready for the ball.


7. This masked kitty.

She looks like she’s trying to pass as a raccoon! But even though she’s constantly ready for a masquerade party, this little fluff ball is simply adorable.


8. This cat has the facial hair down pat!

Some people like full beards, some people like mustaches and SOME people like a goatee — or at least THIS cat does. He looks like a tiny and adorable Art History professor.


9. This suave kitty.

He’s not mad, he’s just really disappointed. He may look like he enjoys watching the nightly news in his bathrobe with a fine glass of red wine, but in reality, he just really, really likes yarn.


10. This cat is a total hipster.

His favorite band? You probably haven’t even heard of them yet. Life is all about craft beer and mustache wax for this friendly feline.


11. This cat has the biggest heart EVER.

In order to love, you’ve got to have a heart, and this gal has the biggest one of all.


12. This cat is black AND orange AND beautiful!

This cool-looking cat also has two different-colored eyes. So basically, her face is like that of two cats squashed together. Needless to say, I really want this cat.