11 Secretive Subliminal Messages Celebs Showcase In Their Popular Music Videos

Yes, we are talking about subliminal messages as they are still alive in the music world. Whether you talk about the playback song or the music video that point to the music artist’s ex-girlfriend or lover, each time singer put hidden messages with creativity.

Sometimes people fail to notice it because of its quick appearance and sometimes people catch it all. The video may contain memories, gift items or any sign that relates with their ex.

Have a look at those singing stars and their videos with the hidden subliminal messages that reminiscence on the days gone.

 1. Every time Taylor Swift splits in her relationship, she writes about it in her songs and videos.
The song ‘Style’ that notifies about her ex Harry Styles from the name and the paper plane necklace that she wore was actually given by him. Another song ‘We are never getting back together’ is all about Swift’s recent breakup with Calvin Harris.
2.  Justine Bieber’s “Where are you now”


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship has always been a hot topic. In Justin’s music video ‘where are you now’, there is a point where ‘Where R Now, Selena’ is painted and written on the wall. From there we can guess that the entire song is about her.

3. Beyonce Formation

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In Beyonce’s video Formation, she takes a stand against police brutality and at one point in the video, there’s even a graffiti message shown ‘stop shooting us’ which shows the support for ‘Black that matters’ campaign.

4. Nick Jonas ‘Jealous’


After Nick Jonas split from Jonas Brothers, his first single solo hit song ‘Jealous’ came out which clearly tells about his jealousy over a girl. Even the words on a billboard saying ‘Leaving childhood’ say it all.

5. Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’


Mile Cyrus in her video seems to be shedding tears, swinging on wrecking ball and showing anguish after the breakup from Liam Hemsworth.

6. Zayn Malik ‘Pillow Talk’

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In his video, Zayn Malik shows his tears of blood which are somehow get connected to Gigi Hadid.

7. Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’


Things are very deep in the Lady Gaga’s video. She shows several mind games into it. The telephone used in the video represents her mind and not picking it up shows her dissociation from reality.

8. One Direction’s ‘Best Song Ever’


You may have seen the boys doing 666 signs with the hand gestures and is used by boys to pay homage to Satan.

9. Kanye West ‘Famous’

Kanye West’s video has been featured as sex tape where ex-lovers are sleeping naked next to each other. This refers to the fact that Kim became famous through her legendary sex tape.

10. Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’


His dance in the video represents somewhat as a cult symbol for the Illuminati.

11. Rihanna and Calvin Harris ‘This is what you came for’


The video of Riri and Harris represents Satan worship and perfect Illuminati.