109 Year Old Man Knits Tiny Sweaters To Save The Lives of Penguins


Alfred “Alfie” Date is the oldest man in Australia, now 109 years old. When he’s not (I’m assuming) about town raising hell, he’s at home knitting tiny sweaters for New Zealand’s Phillip Island’s Penguin Foundation. Why? It’s not just for the cuteness factor.

The tiny penguin sweaters help the birds who were severely injured in a massive oil spill to prevent further injury to themselves. Without the sweaters, they will obsessively try to remove the sludge from themselves, thus swallowing the toxic oil sludge.


Before you get too excited, the foundation doesn’t need any more little penguin sweaters.

“Please know we have plenty of jumpers for the penguins and do not need any more. We greatly appreciate everyone’s efforts, including gorgeous Alfie,” the foundation announced on their Facebook.