103 Year Old Man Dies At The Exact Time And Date He Was Born


A great-grandfather has died at the exact time and date as he was born, 103 years ago.

Jimmy Newell, who’s been hailed as a World War Two computer pioneer, was born to the sound of bells ringing at Leeds Town Hall at midday on October 11, 1913.

However in a remarkable coincidence he died at the exact moment the clocks struck noon on October 11, 2016 making him 103-years-old on the day he died.

His son Graham,65, who was with held his father’s hand as he died believes it was his dad’s determination to be ‘properly 103’ that gave him the determination to hold on.


Graham said:

[My father] certainly died holding my hand at exactly midday on his birthday while I was on the phone to my son.

I told my son he had just died and we checked the time – and it was exactly 12 noon to the minute. It was on the dot.

My belief is that it was deliberate as he would never short-change everyone.

He really wanted to be 103. He had amazing determination and I genuinely believe that was what he wanted.


Graham explained his father had suffered a fall 16 days at his home in Brighton where he lived on his own. He was transferred to Torbay Hospital for a hip operation but unfortunately never returned home.

One of Graham’s grandsons, Andy, wrote a moving tribute to his grandfather saying that on this day in 1913 his  grandfather drew his first breath and today at noon his last.

Mr Newell had been at the forefront of computer technology and was partly responsible for computerisation of the bank industry and more notably is believed to be behind the first hole in the wall cash machine in London.