100 Best Prepper and Survivalist Youtube Channels


Lately I spend more time watching Youtube than regular television. There wasn’t much quality content on Youtube at first, but over the past few years some very experienced preppers have started some fantastic channels. Since a lot of people I talk to aren’t aware of this, I decided to compile a list of the 100 best prepper and survivalist Youtube channels (in my opinion). It would take days, maybe even weeks to check all these out, so I encourage you to bookmark this page.

I could have included over 100, but I decided to exclude channels that haven’t been adding new videos lately (as of this writing). That means I had to leave out great channels such as Analytical Survival, L.D.S. Prepper, P.A.W. Productions, The Survival Doctor, and Zombie Tactics, to name a few. But if I had included every good survival channel the list would have been ridiculously long.

If you’re a prepper and there’s nothing on TV, subscribe to these channels and your Youtube feed will fill up with hours of great content everyday! Now on to 100 best channels (in alphabetical order):

Adirondack Woodsman – Bushcraft skills from a woodsman who has spent a lot of time in the Adirondack mountains. Includes how-to videos, personal content, and documentaries.

Alfie Aesthetics – Wilderness survival skills from an experienced hiker and camper. He is well-spoken and a great teacher.

Alone Wolverine 1984 – A woman and her dog who spend time in the woods hunting, fire making, building shelters, and reviewing survival gear.

Armed Defender – Lots of videos about bullets, guns, safety, maintenance, and proper shooting techniques.

Armoured Cockroach – A former soldier and paramedic who makes videos about wilderness and urban survival.

Babee Blue on the Town – One of my favorites. Guns, knives, hunting, fishing, and shooting by a very attractive woman.

Bexar Prepper – A homesteader with videos on canning, cooking, and general food storage.

Black Scout Survival – Another favorite of mine. This guy makes some high-quality tutorials on all sorts of survival skills along with some helpful reviews of survival gear.

Bland County Survivorman – Videos on hunting, fishing, fire making, and other bushcraft skills.

Bohemian Hunting Club – Tips on hunting, shooting, scopes, knives, gun maintenance, and more.

Bright Agrotech – This is a businesses that focuses on vertical farming and gardening. If you’re interested in aquaponics, you could learn a lot here.

Bug Out Channel – If you plan on bugging out after a disaster, this is the channel for you. It has gear reviews and tips on how to make the ultimate bug out bag.

Bushcraft Bartons – An associate pastor teaching bushcraft skills in the Canadian wilderness.

Camping Survival – The official channel of CampingSurvival.com which sells all types of camping gear. Videos on survival food, wild edibles, water purification, and more.

Canadian Prepper – This one updates frequently and has a lot of general survival videos, often with an emphasis on health.

Commsprepper – Probably the best channel for emergency communications. He’s also working on a rainwater collection system.

Cr0cket20 – Another personal favorite. Learn about backpacking, climbing, guns, knives, and even a little MMA.

Cutlery Lover – If you’re into knives, you’ll love this guy. He reviews all sorts of knives and also likes to talk about beer.

DEMCAD – DEMCAD is a libertarian who adds several videos a week on everything from survivalism to politics.

Demolition Ranch – As he says, this is “not your average gun channel.” Bullets, body armor, and all sorts of badass contraptions.

DrBones NurseAmy – Survival medicine and gardening from a medical doctor and a registered nurse. Great advice from people who know what they’re talking about.

EconoChallenge – How to hike and camp in the wilderness without leaving a trace. This man reveres nature and it shows.

Equip 2 Endure – Survival gear reviews and podcasts covering a wide range of topics, and the occasional giveaway.

Everyday Tactical Vids – Mostly videos on plants and knives, but he also talks about health and survival psychology.

Funky Prepper – Bugging out, food storage, bushcraft, and more. This guy is quite a character.

Growing Your Greens – The most watched gardening channel on Youtube. Learn how to grow food in your front or backyard.

Hickok45 – Excellent channel on guns and gun safety. There are new videos several times a week.

Hiram Cook – One of the best channels for survival cooking. Hiram shows you how to use all sorts of cooking implements

Idaho Hillbilly – A homesteader who is an expert at finding hidden treasures at flea markets and other places. Watch as he turns his property into a self-sufficient permaculture farm.

Im Still Workin – A lot of videos on gardening, canning, cooking, and baking.

InnerBark Outdoors – Not only does Andy have years of experience in outdoor living, he is also a cinematographer so his videos are very high quality.

Into Weapons – Reviews and how-to’s from a gun enthusiast.

IraqVeteran8888 – One of the best gun channels on Youtube. Learn about shooting, gunsmithing, handloading, and more.

ITS Tactical – Imminent Threat Solutions covers a wide range of topics, some of which I’d never even considered.

Jack Spirko – The official channel for Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast. Learn all about his homestead.

James Yeager – Discussion about guns and shooting from the guy behind TacticalResponse.com.

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. – James loves to talk about life in the 18th century and he dresses the part. Lots of educational videos here, mostly about cooking.

Jnull0 – Day to day life on a large homestead. Learn about butchering animals, cooking, canning, and more.

KGB Survivalist – This guy covers all areas of prepping and reviews guns, knives, and survival gear.

Kirsten Dirksen – Videos about self sufficiency, simple living, backyard gardening, and craftsmanship.

Linda’s Pantry – Linda makes high-quality videos that teach you about gardening, canning, and survival cooking.

Living Survival – All things survival. Ben talks about bushcraft, camping, fishing, and hunting, and he regularly reviews survival gear.

MD Prepper – This channel is mostly short reviews of survival food, gear, and guns.

MHP Gardener – Learn how to grow your own food with hydroponics and greenhouses. These people are doing some amazing things.

Michigan Snow Pony – Farming, gardening, simple living, and discussion videos about life on a homestead.

Military Arms Channel – All about military small arms. This is a great channel for people who are into guns.

Mind Wise Man – This guy covers all aspects of outdoor living and he loves to go canoeing.

Misty Prepper – Misty talks about gardening, butchering, canning, cooking, alternative energy, and general prepping.

Moscow Prepper – Bushcraft, preparedness, and self-reliance videos by a Dane living in Russia.

Native Survival – Learn about self reliance in the woods with little to no gear at all.

North Carolina Prepper – Lots of miscellaneous videos on emergency preparedness.

Nutnfancy – A very popular survival channel about backpacks, flashlights, guns, knives, multi-tools, tactical gear, and more.

Off the Grid News – Weekly videos about all sorts of disaster preps and important survival skills.

Our Half Acre Homestead – Back to basics living with some experienced homesteaders. Gardening, cooking, food storage, recipes, and more.

Patriot 36 – Survivalism, outdoor living, and reviews of firearms, flashlights, and survival tools.

Practical Preppers – Most of these videos have to do with energy: batteries, fire, fuel, generators, solar power, water power, etc.

Prepared Mind 101 – Another one of my favorite channels. He covers all the major areas–bushcraft, urban survival, wilderness survival–and he does a lot of reviews.

Reality Survival – Excellent channel that covers a wide rage of topics including bushcraft and urban survival along with reviews of gear, kits, knives, and tools.

Rob With a B – A South African comedian who knows a lot of interesting ways to make a fire.

Safe Arms Review – Some awesome videos on guns, prepping, survival gear, tactics, and more.

Sensible Prepper – Here you’ll learn all sorts of creative prepping ideas using common household items.

Sigma 3 Survival School – Huge collection of instructional videos on all aspects of survivalism, especially bushcraft.

Skinny Medic – The official channel of Medical Gear Outfitters. Here you’ll find a mix of medical and general prepping videos.

Snare Man – High quality reviews of guns, knives, backpacks, and other types of survival gear.

Solar Cabin – If you’ve ever dreamed of building a cabin and becoming completely self-sufficient, this guy will teach you how.

Sootch00 – A very popular channel with fun and detailed reviews of guns and accessories.

Soul Survivor X2 – This is also one of my favorites. Really cool videos about prepping, shooting, backpacking, guns, motorcycles, etc.

Southern Prepper 1 – These videos are short, to-the-point, and very educational. He’s been on Youtube for a while so he has a huge backlog of videos.

Stacy Lyn Harris – On this channel Stacy teaches gardening, cooking, canning, and more.

Supergokue1 – This guy makes a lot of short instructional videos about generating power, making hiding places, and building your own gear.

Survival Skills 101 – This covers a lot of common survival skills, but unlike most similar channels he also talks about personal self defense.

Survivalist Boards – Lots of random homesteading videos from the owner of SurvivalistBoards.com.

Survivalist Gardener – Videos based on the book, “Secret Garden of Survival.” Learn how to grow a secret survival garden in your backyard.

Survival Mike – Mike is a certified trainer who knows all about surviving in the wilderness.

Texas Prepper 2 – If you’re into homesteading, this is the channel for you. It covers gardening, raising chickens, fish, livestock, bees, food storage, and so much more.

The Daily Prep – Watch Dan as he goes from total noob to experienced prepper

The Modern Survivalist – One of my very favorites. Fernando lived through the hyperinflationary collapse in Argentina. He’s smart, experienced, and has a lot of wisdom to share.

The Patriot Nurse – Another one of my very favorites. I have learned a lot about first aid and medical survival from her.

The Peaceful Prepper – A single gal prepping to survive in an urban environment. She only has a few hundred subscribers so far but I expect this channel to become much more popular.

The Prepared Mind – Here you’ll find lots of miscellaneous SHTF discussion.

The Sgt Fruitcake – Awesome prepper videos with an emphasis on camping and outdoor living.

The Urban Prepper – My favorite channel, probably because he reminds me of me (no, he’s not actually me). If you live in a city, you should definitely subscribe to this channel.

The Wannabe Homesteader – Join this family as they work on their suburban homestead and teach you about self-sufficiency and debt-free living.

The Yankee Marshal – David is the kind of guy I would love to have a beer with. He’s smart, funny, and he’ll tell you everything there is to know about guns.

TheALOWens – Videos about guns, knives, EDC gear, bug out bags, bug out vehicles, and even a little politics.

TheHossUSMC – Guns, gear, ammunition, home defense, and a little bit of politics.

Tiborasaurus Rex – Ballistics, shooting, weapons, self defense, and a little bit of religion.

Tin Hat Ranch – This channel covers all types of prepping and has some great reviews and cool survival hacks.

Ultimate Survival Tips – Very high quality how-to videos and reviews of survival gear, especially knives.

Ultimate Survivalist – Mostly backpack and camping videos along with a lot of knife reviews.

Utah Prepper 1 – Food storage, general survival tips, and several videos about gardening and taking care of chickens.

Wandering Beast – This guy will teach you all about motorcycles and outdoor living.

Wessex Blades & Bushcraft – A blend of Bushcraft camping, gear reviews, knives, survival tips, and even some rock music.

Wilderness Outfitters – The Pathfinder School has created some high-quality videos that will teach you ever aspect of wilderness survival

Wiltshire Man – Follow Sandy on his journey into the world of bushcraft. He also likes model copters.

Wingman115 – Detailed reviews of guns, knives, flashlights, and all sorts of survival gear.

Wranglerstar– Yet another favorite of mine. The Wranglerstar family makes excellent videos on modern homesteading.

Yankee Self-Sufficiency – Lots of miscellaneous survival tips along with some Christian commentary.

And there you have it. If I forgot any good channels I apologize. Let me know about them in the comment section below and at some point I’ll come back and update this list.