10 Ways To Use Essential Oils To Improve Your Life

For even a basic collection of essential oils, the possibilities for use are seemingly endless: they can be extremely helpful for medicinal purposes, for beauty treatments, and for countless uses around the home and garden. Below are ten ways you can use these essential oils to help improve your life.


If you want your refrigerator to smell fresh even in between cleanings, add a few drops of essential oil of lime, grapefruit or lemongrass to your open box of baking soda. This will help to absorb refrigerator odors as well as leaving a pleasing scent. These same essential oils can also keep your trash bins fresh if you sprinkle a few drops on them.

Insect Deterrent

If you are having problems with mosquitoes, flies or other insects around the house, essential oils can help with this, too. Simply sprinkle a few drops of oil of lavender, citronella or lemongrass around window sills and doorways and you will notice that this problem will go away naturally.

Pet Odor Neutralizer

Pets can be great – but they can also leave a lingering odor around the house. To help eliminate this, add ten to twenty drops of essential oils of lemon, geranium or lavender to a bottle of apple cider vinegar and use in spray bottle to take care of this problem quickly.

Fruit Preserver

If you want to preserve and extend the freshness of fruit, you can do this by washing it in water to which a few drops of grapefruit oil has been added.

Bathroom Freshener

Even when you are scrubbing them down regularly, bathrooms often need a little freshening in between cleanings. To do this naturally, use a diffuser to which a few drops of lemon, rosemary, geranium or grapefruit oil has been added.

Carpet Odor Eliminator

Carpets take a beating during the weak, and sometimes even frequent vacuuming cannot help them stay fresh. To keep them scented in between steam cleanings, add oil of lemon, peppermint or geranium to baking soda, sprinkle it on the carpet, and let it sit for 15-30 minutes before vacuuming.

Spider Deterrent

If spiders are a problem around the house, add a few drops of peppermint oil to a spray bottle of water and spritz it around the windows or any other route the spiders might use to enter. This will deter spiders naturally.

Mite Remover

Mites can be a problem in linens and other bedding and can cause serious allergy issues. If you suspect that mites could be a problem, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the water of your washing machine then wash as usual.

Paint Odor Neutralizer

Does that new paint smell leave you with a headache? The next time you redecorate, add about ten milliliters of peppermint oil to a fresh can of paint and this won’t be a problem.

Towel Perfumer

Scent your bath towels naturally by adding a few drops of your favorite oil to a bit of cloth and throwing it into the dryer with your towels.

These are great ways to use essential oils that will beautiful your home and help naturally with a number of pesky or irritating household problems, thus making your life simpler. And that’s always a good thing!