10 Ways School Is Making Children Stupid and Depressed

From the age of at least five years old, until adulthood, we are told that school is a necessary rite of passage that all children must go through. However, what most people don’t tell you, is that school is what is making children stupid and depressed.

Unfortunately, despite this, we must send our children to school. But, thankfully, according to a number of ‘unschoolers’, there is another option. For more information on that check out this link.

And without further ado, here are 10 ways that schools are stifling our children, and causing them to lead depressing and empty lives.

1. Their Individuality Is Not Treasured In School

In a school like setting, children’s individual needs are overlooked as there are so many children to care for. Because of this, there is no way to cater the talents of the child to their own personal interests. Instead, they are told to think collectively.

2. It Teaches Your Children to Live For the Future, Rather Than to Seize the Day

Instead of teaching children to enjoy their lives, school teaches us that we should always continue to sacrifice our days for the good of the next. While it is good to plan for the future, it is also good to enjoy the moment as well.

3. It Equates Money With Success

By telling children that they must have good grades to succeed, so they can go to school and make a lot of money, we are instilling in them that nothing is more successful than pockets full of cash.

4. It Teaches Them to Doubt Themselves

Don’t do “fill in the blank here” without asking the teacher. While this is commonly heard in school corridors, teachers tell children to depend on them completely for everything, which couldn’t be worse for their independence.

5. It Stifles Creativity

Rather than enforcing true creativity, children are given set guidelines for everything. And every child is expected to conform and be the same.

6. It Teaches Them to Fear Failure

By telling you that you will lose everything if you make and F and flunk out of school, the curriculums are telling children that failure means game over. That isn’t true in real life and it shouldn’t be in school.

7. They Teach You What to Think, Not How to Think

Rather than teaching children how to think creatively, schools teach children to think as they are told. This can become quite depressing for a human being that is creative by nature.

8. They Are Given Ridiculous Expectations that No Child Should Have to Meet

As an adult, I have very rarely had to squeeze in extra-curriculars, work, and school in the same day, however, many high school kids are carrying this load. It is too much, too soon.

9. It Teaches Them Play is Bad

During school hours, outside of a 20-minute recess, most children are reprimanded for playing. Why? Because it isn’t school work.

10. They Are Grouped Together Like Cattle

Depending on your performance, your name, your age, etc., you are sorted into large groups of other children from a young age. Because of this, the child is ignored as an individual and only considered as part of a group.