10 Simple Juicing Recipes For Cleansing The Body


Modern unhealthy diets and polluted environment cause toxins to build up in our bodies, which is why a detoxification program is so important. Detoxification improves circulation, eliminates wastes, and refuels the body. Many detoxification programs involve lengthy fasts, which can be dangerous and difficult. The truth is you don’t have to fall back on these measures to detoxify your body; simply drinking a juice with detoxifying properties can be highly effective in keeping your body healthy.

When most people think of juices, they think of fruits, but the truth is that many detoxifying juices contain a combination of fruits and vegetables. Some juicers are only capable of creating juice from citrus plants, so be sure to bear this in mind when purchasing your juicer. If you are interested in making detoxifying juices, you need to get a juicer that can handle fruits and vegetables.

Once you have the proper juicer, begin your detoxifying process with the following:

Tropical Paradise Juice

This is a great juice to drink in the morning, as it helps loosen digestive buildup that occurred overnight. It also contains a lot of sweet fruits, so it tastes great!


1 medium ripe papaya, peeled, seeded, and sliced

1 small pineapple, peeled, cored, and sliced

1 (1-in.) piece peeled fresh ginger

1 medium kiwi, peeled

1/2 cup fresh-young-coconut water (stir in after juicing)

Mango Twist

Antioxidants are one of the best detoxifying agents, and all the ingredients in a Mango Twist have large amounts of antioxidants. This is also a great way to build muscle after a workout.


One mango

Glass of blueberries

3 or 4 middle-sized strawberries

“Pearry” Good

This juice contains vitamins A, B, C and E all of which help eliminate toxins. It also contains Lutein a chemical that fights aging.


One Pear

One Apple

Half glass of cherries

Granny’s Detoxifier

This drink contains iron and Vitamin K, both of which increase organ function. Improving organ function, especially in the kidneys, helps your body eliminate toxins more efficiently.



Granny Smith apple

Green grapes


Ultimate Green Juice

This drink alkalizes your body, which helps eliminate toxins. It also contains a wide range of minerals such as iron and calcium.


1 bunch celery

4-5 kale leaves

1 green apple

One big handful of flat leaf parsley leaves

1 lime

1 lemon

1 inch of fresh ginger

1 tbsp. organic coconut oil

Sweet and Sour Juice

This is a great tasting drink that combines the detoxification properties of both fruits and vegetables. It has also only 155 calories and easy to make.


Few slices of ginger

One carrot

One beet

Half an apple

Winter Cold

This juice increases immune system function, making it easier for your body to eliminate harmful bacteria. This is a great way to eliminate germs, especially in the winter.





Pinch of cinnamon

Wake Up Juice

This drink increases your energy level and helps with hydration-both of which contribute to the detoxification process.


One Peach

Lychees in syrup (as many as you wish)

Half a glass of coconut milk

One teaspoon of honey (optional)

Beet, Apple, and Blackberry Juice

Drinking beet juice cleanses your body of toxins, but combining it with apples and blackberries gives you a drink that tastes great and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.


3 small beets

2-3 apples

8 oz. blackberries

1/2 inch fresh ginger

Garden Green Coco

This drink is high in potassium. Its fresh and light taste make it the perfect way to detoxify your body during the summer.


1 young Thai coconut

1 handful of green kale

1 handful of spinach

½ banana


Crack open coconut (using a cleaver and extreme care) and pour the coconut water into a blender. Remove coconut meat with a spoon and add to blender. Add kale, spinach, and banana. Blend on high for 30 seconds. Pour smoothie into the coconut and serve with a straw.