10 Facts How Stress Is Destroying Your Health


1.Stress will make it difficult to control your emotions A recent study at the University of New York reveals even mild levels of stress can weaken our ability to enjoy our emotions.In this study,scientist tested which techniques of stress control were they use.But after the participants hands submerged in cold water which causes stress, they couldn’t easily recover after being shown pictures of spiders or snakes. “Our results suggest that even mild stress, such as that encountered in daily life, may impair the ability to use cognitive techniques known to control fear and anxiety,” lead author Candace Raio said in a press release.[1]

2.Chronic stress can cause mental illness Researchers at University of California, Berkeley have found that stress make long term changes in the brain,which explains why people who suffer from chronic stress are more prone to psychological problems such as anxiety and mood disorders later in life.[2]

3.Sex is a great stress reliever. Research in 1984 showed that stress can affect a man’s body weight, the levels of testosterone and sexual desire.Most studies also show that stress (mostly anxiety) can lead to impotence. Stress is also dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause changes in children,particularly in the development and behavior.[3]

4.Too much stress will not only spoil your mood, but also your smile. Research has shown that 57% of studies showing a positive relationship between gum disease and stress and psychological symptoms such as anxiety,depression and loneliness. According to Doctor Preston D. Miller persons prone to stress can also increase their bad habits.They could increase the use of alcohol,cigarettes and nicotine and ignore oral health. Research in Brazil also showed that patients who reduced stress can have a lower risk for periodontal diseases.[4]

5.Stress can cause heart disease If you are often under stress it will significantly increase the risk of heart disease. The stress can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain.The stress can also lead to blood clots, increasing the chances of a heart attack. If you react unhealthy in this situation as smoking, overeating, drinking alcohol and then will further aggravate the condition. On the other hand, if we socialize and remain calm despite the stress it will cause changes in your emotions and your body.[5]

6.Stress will make you fatter When you are under high stress then your level of stress hormone cortisol is very high and you will have the desire for sweets and fatty foods.In this moments you are more likely for reaching food will cause overeating. This was confirmed by researchers from the University of Miami, who had come to the conclusion that when people are under stress they will likely eat up 40% more food than normal. And it is already confirmed that obese people have higher chances of heart diseases,diabetes.

7.Stress cause premature aging There is a belief that stress leads to premature aging.But there is still no sufficient evidence to claim this,said Elissa Epel, a psychiatrist at the University of California at San Francisco,where they have done a small research that has come to the conclusion that psychological stress can lead to premature aging in healthy people. Dennis H. Novack, who studies the link between emotions and health at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, agreed. “Everybody’s trying to figure out what causes aging and premature aging. We all know that stress seems to age people — just look at the aging of our presidents after four years,” he said. The new study “demonstrated that there is no such thing as a separation of mind and body — the very molecules in our bodies are responsive to our psychological environment.” [6] But the good news about this is that exercise can reduce the effects of stress on the aging of cells.[7]

  8.It feeds cancer cells in animals The study, was done on animals by Wake Forest University researchers concluded that stress may help cancer cells to survive although the animals get the anti-cancer drugs. The survey was conducted on mice exposed to the smell of predators.When the mice experienced this stress, anti-cancer drugs were not effective in killing cells, and cancer cells have survived thanks to adrenaline, which are mice produced.

9.Premature aging in children The pressure and stress that children are exposed to violence in early childhood can lead to premature aging of their cells. The study, which included 236 children born in England and Wales between the ages of 5 and 10 shows that children who are bullied or which were witnessed violence or were victims of violence, had shorter tolomere, which is a sign of premature aging.

10.Stres can cause depression Scientists at the US National Institute on Mental Health have done several studies on mice to find a link between stress and the depression.They come to the conclusion that stress can lead to depressive behavior.[8]