10 Ancient Artifacts of Human Existence

It fascinate us to find some of our things. Once they were our favorite shoes, favorite shirts, secret notes and even embarrassing old photos. It is always fun and nostalgic to find these treasures. What memories and stories can we got from these items.

If we can get many stories from these 10-20 years old items, imagine what stories can we get from items from way past. Let’s find out. We list 10 extremely old items for article. These ancient artifacts ranges from shoes, socks documents and instruments were discovered by scientists, researchers and archaeologists from all over the world. Through intense studies, these artifacts from the past tell us fascinating stories about their owners and how man live during those times.

Take your time to enjoy and learn more about these objects from the list below.

Oldest Shoe


This leather shoe was discovered in a cave in Armenia in 2010. This unassuming shoe was made some 5,500 years ago. Despite its old age, modern shoe designers were amazed how modern the shoe looks. The grass in the shoe is believe to be added by the owner to keep his/her foot comfortable. The ancient shoe was preserved with the help of sheep poo which surrounded the shoe when it was discovered. Researchers think the women’s size 7 shoe is for the right foot and the left is missing. Scientists are trying to discover information from the shoe which dates back to 3,500 B.C.

Oldest Written Recipe


This block of clay contains the greatest recipe that mankind ever invented. This 4,000 years old tablet stated to have been given to men in Sumer by their god Enki contains the recipe for making beer. Yes, beer! It was discovered inside a hymn dedicated to the god of beer, Ninkasi. Beer was considered to be the national beverage of Sumer and beer was very important. The beverage was a major part of Sumerian civilization. It’s even included in the salary for Mesopotamia Egyptian citizens. Cheers!

Oldest Pair of Socks


This pair of socks date way back to the 4th century. The pair was discovered in the 1800s in Egypt. The socks were analyzed and was discovered to be made of wool. Stitched together using a single-needle stitch, the socks feature a split-toe. They were probably worn with sandals on. It makes you wonder how ancient socks smell.

Oldest Prosthetic


This prosthetic is from 3,000 years ago. it may be hard to believe that those ancient people were already capable of making this kind of complicated accessories. Scientists tested its design if it was functional and it was. The prosthetic can really help patients walk normally. Scientists thinks it was an alternative to sandals in Egypt. made of wood, it may be a bit uncomfortable though.

Oldest Pair of Pants


Said to be 3,300 years old, this pants from China is considered to be the oldest one known to man. Believed to be worn by a man, a shaman in particular, it is made of animal fur. It was discovered being worn by a male mummy in Xinjiang province. Archaeologists believe the pants were worn as riding trousers, for riding horses.

Oldest Pair of Sunglasses


This is a sunglasses, a snow goggles in particular. This is considered to be the oldest sunglasses ever discovered. This item was discovered on North Baffin Island in Canada and were probably worn by Inuits in the Arctic who traveled to Canada 800 years ago. The glasses features tiny slits to protect the wearer from sun glare from the snow. This item is dated back somewhere between 1200 A.D. and 1600 A.D.. The oldest sunglasses was made from walrus ivory. It is on display in the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Oldest Sculpture of a Human


This sculpture is named “Venus of the Fels Cave” and it is the oldest human sculpture ever discovered. It was discovered in Germany and dates back 35,000 years while other say it’s 40,000 years. It was carved out of ivory and represents a female figure. When it was discovered, it was surrounded with other sculpture artifacts that depict horses, bison and birds. “Venus” accurately resemble human proportions although it only measures 6 centimeters.

Oldest Musical Instrument


Found near the “Venus of the Fels Cave,” this sculpture was found at hohle Fels Cae in southern Germany. It is the oldest music instrument in the world. It is a flute made of bone. The flute dates back 42,000 years and it is considered to be a relic of humans who immigrated from Africa to Europe. It is made from the bones of a bird and ivory from a mammoth. This artifact is said to be left behind by the first anatomically modern humans before Ice Age hit.

Oldest Brassiere


This is the oldest brassiere in the world. The brassiere was found under the floorboards of Austria’s Lengberg Castle. Dating 500 years, it is said to have been in use or worn between 1390 and 1485. Before finding this artifact, researchers have already come across writings that describe something called “breast bags.” The medieval brassiere is called that because the term “bra” was not used until the early 1900s.

Oldest Flushing Toilet


2,000 years ago, the people of the ancient Turkish city of Ephesus were already using “flushing” toilets. The public toilets was built on top of a running water. The water carried the waste away into a nearby river. The “flushing” toilets were once a part of Scholastica Baths that were built in the 1st century A.D. The citizens of Ephesus were charged when using the public toilets.