You Should Be Adding 2 Tbsp Of Coconut Oil To Your Coffee In The Morning. The Reason? I Had No Idea

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The video you are about to watch is for all you coffee drinkers who use their cup of Jo for alertness and energy every day. It is nothing I ever imagined would give coffee that extra “oomph” that would turn it into a “Super Drink”!

Adding coconut oil or coconut butter to your coffee, will allow you to drink one cup in the morning that will last you all day. Instead of having to go back for cup after cup to keep your energy level high, you will only require one cup. This has the added benefit of not keeping you up at night, or getting acid stomach.

Adding coconut oil or butter to your coffee will make you healthier and will boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat all day. It has been used for many years by mountain climbers in Tibet, to help them burn fat and increase their energy for climbing.

The video you are about to watch shows you how to blend the coffee with 2 teaspoons of coconut butter; it can be made with two tablespoons of coconut oil as well. Adding cinnamon also lends a hand to the fat-burning potential of this coffee, by helping to control the insulin response. The health benefits of coconut oil or butter occur because they contain medium-chain fatty acids, as opposed to long-chain fatty acids. The body quickly uses these medium chain fatty acids for energy, which in turn boosts your metabolism. For added discussion of this “wonder drink” watch the footage below, where he illustrates the best way to blend this drink to a frothy delight.



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