This Man Fought Against 2 Tumors With This Drink

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Bozo Kojovic is a man from the village of Gorica in Vraneshkoj valley, who after 10 years of struggle for life and surgeries done on two cancers, the throat and the lungs, now can finally relax take a deep breath.

Although his doctors gave him little chances to survive, Bozo decided not to surrender. With little hope of recovery, he learned about the disease and treatment, and he did not bypass traditional folk remedies and medicine.

“We did everything to facilitate the disease, to help him. Whatever I heard, I was getting ready, trying in every way to keep him alive …,” says his wife Bosiljka.

Bozo changed his diet and eating regime, stopped smoking cigarettes and consumption of alcohol, and substituted water by whey and teas. In addition to prescription drugs, he used young fir flowers, and honey from a dandelion. The recipe for the cure which helped Bozo to recovered and brought him to normal live and activities is no secret, says his wife.

“The root of the dandelion is plucked out, be careful because the whole root should be pulled out nicely in order to keep the healing juices. A handful of these roots is put in four liters of water, it is heated to boiling point for a minute only. After leave it to stand for about ten minutes and strain. Then add one spoonful of honey in it and drink it – said Bosiljka.

To all who suffer from this terrible disease, Bozo advise all to listen to the advice’s of doctors, but also to take natural remedies.


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