Teenage Boy Chronic Back Pain Left Him Crippled, Until The Chiropractor Did This


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be paralyzed? Your spine provides the signal to the rest of your body through your nerves. If just one vertebrae is out of alignment, entire body parts can stop functioning. Damage to the upper spine can cause issues with the arms and shoulders, damage to the mid-spine can affect the organs, and damage to the lower back can cause issues with the legs.

Muntathar is a seventeen year old boy who became bed ridden for three months after injuring his back removing a tree root. He searched for years to find a doctor capable of helping him, since we was unable to stand up, walk, or feel anything in his right leg. It was hard for him to eat, he was homeless, and sleeping was nearly impossible. He wanted to die. Muntathar travel from the U.S. to Australia to undergo seven days of treatment at Gonstead Chiropractic.

X-rays reveal that Muntathar’s sacroiliac joint was out of alignment, which was why he couldn’t use his right leg. Only minutes after visiting Dr. Ian, the Muntathar could begin to feel his leg . After even more adjustments to his neck and spine, he returned to normal height and was regained the ability to walk.

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