Super Bowl 50 Illuminati Satanic Half Time Ritual Exposed

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It has arrived again The Satanic Half Time Super Bowl Ritual! In this video The Vigilant Christian explains how this spiritual attack and ritual works! Be on guard there is a spiritual war taking place in the unseen and we must NOT be ignorant!


In the below video Zachary K Hubbard exposes how the Freemasons and Zionists have scripted our future, from rigged news, to rigged elections, to rigged Super Bowls, and they have done it by the numbers. This is a topic Hubbard have talked about many times, and in this video Hubbard add new information about how evidence of this rigging even connects the Black Panther Party, Super Bowl 50, and it being in the time of the 44th President, the first Black President, Barack Obama.

Part 1- The Impossible Super Bowl 50 Huey P. Newton & Cam Newton “Coincidence”


Part 2- The Impossible Super Bowl 50 Huey P. Newton & Cam Newton “Coincidence”

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