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“Bible Prophecy” The Times Of The Gentiles Fulfilled

posted by Eddie

We are continuing our study on the Cup of Trembling, Jerusalem. We look at a benchmark prophecy fulfilled which liberated heathen control of Jerusalem. The “times of the Gentiles” spoken of by our Lord Jesus.

In the second video, we will continue and show the date Jerusalem became the cup of trembling as prophesized.


~PART 1~  “The Times of the Gentiles fulfilled”

~PART 2~ “Jerusalem the Cup Of Trembling”
Through careful study, we find the root of the Middle East conflict leading to war. This is not a conflict of Judaism versus Islam, but national Zionism against the indigenous Palestinian people.

We also identify the Biblical Israel compared to the State of Israel, which has cause untold error in the interpretation of Bible prophecy. We cannot understand the result, unless we find out who the major players are. Who they represent. And why are they leading us to battle.

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