A Virus That Creates Electricity

  • A Virus That Creates Electricity - December 31, 2012

    BY ANNALEE NEWITZ A virus called simply M13 has the power (literally) to change the world. A team of scientists at the Berkeley Lab have genetically engineered M13 viruses to emit enough electricity to power a small LED screen. M13 poses no threat to humans — it can only infect bacteria[...]

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    A little-known plant with a truly bizarre name is now making headlines as a cancer killer, with the compound of the plant vanishing tumors in mice with pancreatic cancer. Known as the ‘thunder god vine’ or lei gong teng, the Chinese plant is actually integrated into Chinese medicine and has[...]

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  • Superfoods, Superherbs and Super Immunity - December 29, 2012

    Your immune system is vast and complex. It is designed to detoxify your body as well as protect your body from illness and foreign invaders.Harmful bacteria, viruses, calcium-forming micro-organisms, and candida are part of our world. Unfortunately, so are toxic chemicals, including everything from pesticides to car pollution to nuclear[...]

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  • Natural Remedies to Help you Quit Smoking - December 29, 2012

    There was a time, not so long ago where smoking was considered healthy; yep, you read it correctly – “healthy”. Back in the early 1950′s doctors were supporting this rather unusual habit by recommending certain brands over others (i.e. “number 1 recommended brand” or 4 out of 5 doctors prefer…”)[...]

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  • Top 10 Legal Drugs Linked to Violence - December 28, 2012

    by Lisa Garber It’s no surprise that Adam Lanza was on heavy-duty pharmaceuticals, as was Aurora shooter James Holmes, the Columbine shooters, Ted Kaczinski the Unambomber, and many more. Many of the drugs handed out to troubled individuals have troubled histories in Food and Drug Administration testing themselves, and come with a[...]

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  • Man Made Super-Flu Could Kill Half Humanity - December 27, 2012

    A virus with the potential to kill up to half the world’s population has been made in a lab. Now academics and bio-terrorism experts are arguing over whether to publish the recipe, and whether the research should have been done in the first place. The virus is an H5N1 bird[...]

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  • Death Ray Gun Conspiracy - December 27, 2012

    Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory ‘Death Ray’ Ep 3.2Conspiracy theorists have long discussed the alleged existence of a death ray that kills people via a silent laser.Ventura looks into rumors that the government is using directed-energy weapon technology, not only for strategic missile defense, but as a tool for assassination and[...]

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  • 27 Foods You Should Never Buy Again - December 27, 2012

    Cross these items off your grocery store  list—whether they’re rip-offs, fakes, drastically unhealthy, or just plan gross, here are the 27 foods you should never buy again. 1-  Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese A few shavings of nice cheese on top of pasta or vegetables can take a simple dish from good to great—but[...]

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  • Top Healing Foods That Stop Ovarian Cancer - December 26, 2012

    Ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly diseases out there. It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among U.S. women — an astounding 14,000 out of 23,000 diagnosed each year, die. Ovarian cancer tends to be aggressive and generally has very few symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage.[...]

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  • Mycotoxins: The Hidden Hormone Danger In Our Food Supply - December 26, 2012

    Over 30 years ago, scientists observed mycotoxin contaminated animal feed (grains) interfering with normal sexual development in young female pigs, resulting in estrogenic syndromes and precocious puberty. Recent human research in the U.S. is now confirming that the contamination of our food supply with fungal toxins is adversely affecting the[...]

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  • School OBAMA’S Daugters Attend has 11 Armed Guards - December 26, 2012

    Some interesting news has broken in the wake of the latest push for gun control by President Obama and Senate Democrats: Obama sends his kids to a school where guards are used as a matter of fact. The school, Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, has 11 security officers and is seeking to hire a new police officer as[...]

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  • Kenya & Peru Ban Genetically Modified Foods - December 26, 2012

    Public Health minister Beth Mugo subsequently directed all Public Health Officers at all ports of entry and all other government regulators to enforce the ban on importation of Genetically Modified Foods in the country. This she says was following the decision made by the cabinet  to ban the importation of GMO foods into[...]

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  • The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill - December 24, 2012

    wealthwire First of all, I must admit that I am one of those “Conspiracy Nuts” who loves to read meaning into the back of the US $1 bill like I’m trying to solve a centuries old puzzle. The “All Seeing Eye”, the pyramid, “One World Government”, Masonic symbols, the implications[...]

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  • The Satanic Elite: American Mind Control and World Government - December 24, 2012

    By Paul McGuire There exists a secretive Satanic elite, that consists of perhaps twelve men at the very top, who rule the world through banking and international finance. Publicly these men pretend to be humanists, but secretly they have to chosen to worship Lucifer. They are now in the process of the final[...]

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  • Scientists Rebrand Genetically Modified Rice As ‘Nutritionally Enhanced’ To Test On Children - December 24, 2012

    Biotech companies continue to make profits at the expense of health by using genetic engineering to alter the breeding objectives in several countries. In 2009, China approved its first strain of genetically modified rice for commercial production. Tufts University researchers in Boston swapped the term “genetically modified” (GM) for “nutritionally enhanced”[...]

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  • The World’s First 100% Organic Nation? - December 22, 2012

    The tiny Himalayan country of Bhutan serves as home to just 738,000 people—about the population of Alaska. But this tiny landlocked nation is on track to make one of the biggest pro-organic moves in the world. At the June 2012 Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, the kingdom’s prime minister, Jigmi[...]

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    Fluoride compounds which are put in water (fluoridation), were never tested for safety before approval. Recent independent research by scientists not associated with dental trade organizations has shown the following: Neurotoxic and Lowers IQ Dr. Phyllis Mullenix published research showing that fluoride built up in the brains of animals when[...]

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  • Five Most Corrupt Industries in The World - December 20, 2012

    Corruption is everywhere, but nowhere is it so blatant and so deep-seated as in the 5 following industries: Banking, Energy, Agriculture/Biotech, Media, and Healthcare. Conspicuously missing from this list, of course, is politics. The reason that politics was not included is because political corruption is very rarely confined to the[...]

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  • Cops, Detectives, FBI agents, U.S. Soldiers say they will not Enforce Gun Confiscation Orders - December 19, 2012

    By Mike Adams In the wake of the recent Sandy Hook shooting, I reached out to my contacts in law enforcement, military and (retired) FBI over the last three days, asking three simple questions: #1) Do you think Obama will use executive orders to demand nationwide gun confiscation? #2) If such an[...]

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  • Gun control? We need Medication Control! - December 15, 2012

    Newton elementary school shooter Adam Lanza likely on meds; labeled as having ‘personality disorder’ In mass shootings involving guns and mind-altering medications, politicians immediately seek to blame guns but never the medication. Nearly every mass shooting that has taken place in America over the last two decades has a link[...]

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  • 11 Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See - December 14, 2012

    Many documents produced by the U.S. government are  confidential and not released to the public for legitimate reasons of national security.  Others, however, are kept secret for more questionable reasons.  The fact that presidents and other government officials have the power to deem materials classified provides them with an opportunity to[...]

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  • 10 Signs We Live in a False Economy - December 13, 2012

    It’s time to admit that we live in a false economy. Smoke and mirrors are used to make us believe the economy is real, but it’s all an elaborate illusion. Out of one side of the establishment’s mouth we hear excitement about “green shoots”, and out of the other side[...]

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  • Spy Agency Conducts Surveillance on all USA Citizens - December 13, 2012

    The Obama administration overruled recommendations from within the US Department of Homeland Security and implemented new guidelines earlier this year that allow the government to gather and analyze intelligence on every single US citizen. Since the spring, a little-know intelligence agency outside of Washington, DC has been able to circumvent[...]

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  • Too Big to Jail: Big Banks Can Finance Terrorists and Walk Away Scot-Free - December 13, 2012

    The New York Times reports this week that mega-bank HSBC has escaped criminal prosecution for money laundering that probably funded terrorists and narcotics traffickers. Why? Because regulators and prosecutors were petrified that an indictment would undermine the entire financial system. The Times quotes anonymous government sources who confessed fears about bringing formal charges because doing so would[...]

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  • Russia Throws Poisonous Meat Back to U.S.A - December 12, 2012

    U.S. meat supplies to Russia have been banned. The Russian Federation and the United States differ in the assessment of the causes of the situation. Russia claims that the reason for the ban was the presence of ractopamine drug in US meat. America insists that Russia’s actions were a response[...]

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  • C.I.A. Sponsored Trolls Monitor Internet & Interact With Users to Discredit Factual Information - December 12, 2012

    In July of  2012  it became apparent through a flood of mainstream media reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) was “desperate to hire new hacking talent to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure” yet the NSA is notorious for its surveillance programs on American digital activity. David Petraeus, former director of the[...]

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