Smart Meter and Electromagnetic Radiation: Another Health Crisis Of Our Time

  • Smart Meter and Electromagnetic Radiation: Another Health Crisis Of Our Time - November 29, 2012

    You are not legally required to have a smart meter in any region, contrary to what certain agencies may be telling you, yet they are forced upon the population by those who regulate power utility companies. Based upon a study of 10 autistic cases and 10 normal cases, the pregnant[...]

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  • Global Government now Seeks Total Control over The Internet - November 29, 2012

    What is arguably the very last bastion of totally free speech is once again under assault by the world’s tyrants, as the United Nations is now eyeing regulation of the Internet – as though it was in need of being regulated. Why? It’s an age-old story. Leaders of authoritarian regimes the world[...]

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  • The Ozark Conspiracy Theory - November 29, 2012

    Conspiracy theorists believe that the fluctuations in the World markets,  major bank bailout and economic recessions are all caused by The Illuminati, an ancient, secret cult of the super rich. The Illuminati may also be hoarding money, ostensibly to either prepare for the post-apocalypse or to actually cause such a doomsday,[...]

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  • McDonalds Fast Food: Toxic Ingredients Include Putty & Cosmetic Petrochemicals - November 28, 2012

    Every mouthful of McDonald meal contains a handful of chemicals that raise ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, increase diabetes risk, lower immunity, and damage DNA. In fact fast food contains so many harmful ingredients that I wouldn’t even feed it to a pet because it would be cruel. When you go to the fast-food drive-through, you[...]

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  • Mammograms a Medical Hoax, over One Million American Women Maimed by Unnecessary ‘Treatment’ for Cancer they never Had - November 28, 2012

    Mammography is a cruel medical hoax. The primary purpose of mammography is not to “save” women from cancer, but to recruit women into false positives that scare them into expensive, toxic treatments  like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The “dirty little secret” of the cancer industry is that the very same oncologists who[...]

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  • Brzezinski: “Populist Resistance” is Derailing the New World Order - November 28, 2012

    During a recent speech in Poland, former US National   Security Advisor  Zbigniew Brzezinski warned fellow elitists that a worldwide “resistance” movement to “external control” driven by “populist activism” is threatening to derail the move towards a new world order.   Calling the notion that the 21st century is the American[...]

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  • Largest Health Insurance Company in the U.S.A Warns about GMO Dangers - November 27, 2012

    Californians still lamenting the failure of Proposition 37 got a little morale boost this week when (an Oregon-based website) reported that Kaiser Permanente—the nation’s largest healthcare organization with more than 9 million members—advised its members about the dangers of consuming foods containing genetically modified organisms. According to the article[...]

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  • Genetically Modified Humans? New Gene-Altering Drug Paves Way for Mass Modification - November 26, 2012

    We’ve seen genetically modified mosquitoes, genetically modified plants, and genetically modified cows, but could we soon be dealing with our own genetic alterations – genetically modified humans? As the months and years pass, scientists seem to be getting closer to ‘manufacturing’ humankind, with some of the most recent ‘advancements’ revolving around[...]

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  • Rare Meat Allergy Linked to Ticks Found Across US - November 24, 2012

    Signs of a rare allergy to red meat, which can begin when a person is bitten by a certain tick species, are being detected in people beyond the southeastern U.S. where the ticks reside, according to new research. The red meat allergy was first described in 2008, and it causes[...]

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  • 29 Signs That The Elite Are Transforming Society Into A Total Domination Control Grid - November 23, 2012

    The elite want to tightly control almost everything that we do, say and think.  When most people think of “tyranny”, they think of thugs with guns and little dictators running around barking orders at everyone.  But that is not how the elite are accomplishing their goals these days.  They want[...]

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  • Pepsi Special: New ‘Fat-Blocking’ Soda, Made With Same Ingredient As Glue - November 23, 2012

    If you’re watching your weight but diet soft drinks have never been to your taste, there could now be an alternative. Pepsi have launched a version of its cola drink that it claims acts as a fat blocker. Pepsi Special is made with dextrin – an indigestible form of dietary fiber  Studies[...]

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  • Scientist that Discovered GMO Health Hazards Immediately Fired, Team Dismantled - November 23, 2012

    Though it barely received any media attention at the time, a renowned British biochemist who back in 1998 exposed the shocking truth about how genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) cause organ damage, reproductive failure, digestive dysfunction, impaired immunity, and cancer, among many other conditions, was immediately fired from his job, and the[...]

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  • 146 Reasons Why Sugar Destroys Your Health - November 22, 2012

    By Nancy Appleton PhD  Excerpted from Suicide by Sugar 1.  Sugar can suppress the immune system. 2.  Sugar upsets the mineral relationships in the body. 3.  Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children. 4.  Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides. 5.  Sugar contributes to the[...]

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  • The Biggest Moneymaker of all Time: Cancer, and Why the Profiteers Don’t Want a Cure - November 22, 2012

    By Dr. Dennis Antoine People wail, cry, and question why him /her, how could this happen to a child? Immeasurable grief. Yet the answers are quite clear: humans are unknowingly exposed to far too many chemicals on their food, in their water,  their clothes – even when buying a new car. That[...]

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  • Hemp Repairs DNA !! - November 22, 2012

    Did you know that DNA can be damaged…and repaired? DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the hereditary material found in humans, animals, and organisms. DNA  is in every cell in our bodies. Each cell’s nucleus has DNA, which is rolled into structures that are our chromosomes (23 pairs). “Most genes contain the information[...]

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  • How Plastic Bottled Water is harming you and the Environment - November 22, 2012

    As soda sales leveled off in the U.S., multinational corporations like PepsiCo, Coca Cola and Nestle found a cash cow in marketing  bottled water as the healthy alternative. Though blessed with an abundance of clean water, the U.S. now consumes more bottled water than any other country, piling up enough empty[...]

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  • Scientists Discover new way Big Pharma Drugs Create Dangerous Superbugs - November 21, 2012

    There’s little argument — even from mainstream medicine — that too many doctors routinely prescribe antibiotics for illnesses, such as the common cold, for which these prescription drugs do nothing. The result is a potentially nightmarish proliferation of antibiotic resistant super-bugs  Bottom line: if people do become ill with a life[...]

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  • Breast Milk Secrets That The FDA Doesn’t Want You To Know - November 21, 2012

    On the last seminar I attended in Glendale, CA about Genetically Modified Food (GMO), the devastating health effects of GMOs on the population, and Prop 37, I also found out about yet another “inconvenient truth” regarding…MILK! The International Milk Genomics Consortium (IMGC), which is housed at the University of California, Davis has been working[...]

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  • Aspartame is linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma in new Landmark Study on Humans - November 21, 2012

    As few as one diet soda daily may increase the risk for leukemia in men and women, and for  multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in men, according to new results from the longest-ever running study on aspartame as a carcinogen in humans. Importantly, this is the most comprehensive, long-term study ever[...]

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  • Ways to Detox Pesticides from Your Body - November 20, 2012

    If you don’t know by now, pay closer attention—pesticides are everywhere. They are on our food, in our water, and in the air. They find their way into our bodies through a variety of vehicles. We can buy organic, grow our food, and use fancy water filtration, but we are[...]

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  • 20 Scariest Food Facts - November 19, 2012

    1. Your food can legally contain maggots, rodent hair, and insect eggs. The FDA allows certain “defects” to slide by. Have a look at what your food can carry: • Canned pineapple can pack in up to 20% moldy fruit. • Berries can harbor up to 4 larvae per 100[...]

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  • In your Survival Plans, have you Forgotten Spiritual Preparedness? - November 19, 2012

    Most of the talk on preparedness these days focuses on food, water, emergency  medical supplies, sleeping bags and similar items. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s limited to the scope of being ready for things that happen when you’re alive. But this life is just the blink of[...]

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  • You Know That Fruit In Your Food? It May Not Be Fruit At All. Are You Being Misled? - November 19, 2012

    Attention shoppers, we interrupt your trip down the grocery store aisle to bring you a very important announcement: That cereal with blueberries you are about to put in your cart doesn’t actually contain blueberries. In fact, those blue chunks are actually a “concoction shaped into balls and dyed to look like real[...]

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  • Mainstream Media Now Openly admits the FBI and CIA are Reading all your Emails - November 19, 2012

    For years, those of us who have tried to warn the American public that Big Brother monitors all Internet users were demonized, vilified and ridiculed. Now, the mainstream media has proven us correct. “The U.S. government — and likely your own government, for that matter — is either watching your[...]

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  • This Is Why We Need To Boycott Butterball Turkeys This Thanksgiving - November 18, 2012

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Do you know what you’re serving? After watching this undercover video, hopefully it’s not a Butterball turkey. Thanks to a recent investigation by Mercy for Animals (MFA), workers at Butterball factory farms in North Carolina were caught severely abusing and injuring their turkeys. Documented by[...]

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  • Truth About ‘Plum Island’ - November 18, 2012

        Lurking in the dark waters of Long Island Sound is a mysterious place known as Plum Island. Just ten miles off the coast of Connecticut, this tiny speck of land has long been rumored to be the epicenter of top-secret bio warfare research. The U.S. government acknowledges that[...]

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